Frist, the price does not come first.
Why? Because we are clear that fashion designers prioritize quality. The designers ensure that customers are satisfied when they wear the knitted item.

We are very careful with the raw material.
Good material does not necessarily mean the quality of the material. We choose the most suitable material for the yarn’s characteristics.

Fancy yarn is our specialty.
The twisting, spinning, and processing are performed mainly in Japan. Factory techniques and our ideas are integrated in the production of new knitting yarns.

We proudly show the benefits of our products to customers.
We handle thousands of yarn-types every year. Each of the fashion designers we deal with has unique and preferences. We always select the best yarn for each of them.
There is another reason.
We are professionals at making knitting yarns, and professionals must have more expertise than anyone else.
In order to understand current fashion trends, as well as market needs, we visit yarn factories and markets in various countries. We actually touch the yarns and the finished products, and utilize this experience in our new yarns.

We produce our yarns based on our 62yars of knowledge and experience, together with a modern and flexible outlook.

Maruyasu develops new fancy yarns twice a year, based on trends and our own instincts.
Our designers regularly visit overseas yarn exhibitions, including Pitti Filati (Italy) and Spin Expo (China), collecting extensive information on the latest trends and developments in the field. We analyze and consolidate this information, which becomes a part of our newest product lines. We keep up to date on in-demand materials, colors, and patterns, allowing us to forecast what the next best-selling yarns will be.
Our primary production sites are in Japan’s traditional yarn-producing regions of Hokuriku and Bisyu. We value the hands-on expertise of our production experts in creating new yarns. Through trial and error, we normally create 60 to 80 different yarns per season, but present our customers with only the 30-50 yarns that have made it through our careful process of selection.
We also have 5,000 knitting patterns, which we are happy to share with our customers, so why not get in touch with our Yarn Advisors now and pick up some new knitting ideas?