Punto D’oro

Since 1955, Maruyasu has produced fancy yarns for knitwear in the Ryogoku neighborhood of downtown Tokyo, where the spirit of traditional culture and craftsmanship are still alive. We are a unique fancy yarn manufacturer, one of the few such firms still found in Japan. We continuously innovate our techniques to create high quality, original yarns that have attracted and inspired the imaginations of Japan’s top fashion designers.

With over 60 years’ experience, a talented creation team, and extraordinary yarns, Maruyasu launched its own knitwear brand, Punto D’oro, or “golden stiches,” in Italian. We maximize the value of each piece we create by using our seasoned skills in materials selection, texture creation, and the finishing process. Every stitch of Punto D’oro is as valuable as gold!

Punto D’oro presents delicate, relaxed, and high-quality knitwear that is sure to bring you pleasure and self-confidence with every wearing.