The Maruyasu OEM business.

To design yarn for knitwear…

It requires in-depth knowledge and experience-not only imagination.
Which gauge, what patch, what pattern? These three questions are only the beginning.
These days, how many professionals have the expertise to produce a well-finished item?

This question was explores in our mission:
Developing easy-to-understand knitted products, we exploit the characteristics and features of different materials to the maximum.
Sixty years have passed since Maruyasu started handling yarns.

Ideas and proposals are backed up by an understanding of all materials.
We know how to use the best type of material for a particular product.
The Maruyasu OEM business is all about having the knowledge and ability to assess and carry out proposals.
We don’t just specialize in materials, though. We have a worldwide production network.
In the world, there are unique knowledge and skills, area by area. We integrate our materials’ features one-of-kind knitwear.
We do not try to compete with our competitors. We aim to make unique products that only we can produce. There are unlimited possibilities for new knitwear in just one piece of yarn. We pour all of knowledge and experience into the venture.
This is the artistry we deliver. This is Maruyasu, the leading yarn producer.