60 Rokumaru – An artisanal yarn brand created to spread the joy of knitwear through handicrafts.

At Maruyasu, we have one mission – to spread the joy of knitwear!

As a company that specializes in yarn, we design and sell knitwear to other fashion houses based on our belief in the power of quality yarn. We continue to help forge new trends and use only the finest raw materials to create our high-quality fancy yarns.

Knitwear from Maruyasu has been praised by leading overseas and Japanese brands alike. In July 2015, we celebrated our 60th anniversary. We used that opportunity to spread joy of Maruyasu’s yarns far and wide, not only to the textile industry.

This is what prompted us to begin offering hand knitting kits to consumers, so that more people can experience joy of hand knitting. We took inspiration from our 60th anniversary and named the brand “60 Rokumaru.” We hope that more and more people will realize what a delightful pastime hand knitting can be.

To make this happen, we will continue to provide high-quality, handicraft yarns rooted in our 60 years of expertise and our pride as a long-standing brand.

To learn more about 60 Rokumaru, please visit our website at (Japanese website) >>>http://www.60rokumaru.jp/